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About Me

I'm Lana.  I love the ocean, mojitos, and my kids. (Sometimes in that order... depending on current tween drama) Oh, and glass!  I've always been mesmerized by glass art, but never dreamed that one day I would create my own. But one class got me hooked and I discovered my passion. Glass is an amazing material. Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? No, it exists between the two, always with the possibility of becoming something completely new. It can be designed but never controlled, which makes every piece totally unique. Having its own mind makes it amazing and maddening. You don't always know what mood it's in - maybe, after endless hours spent on design and preparation, it decides that this is the day to crack in the kiln. Other times, the glass gods smile down upon you and it does something completely unexpected but incredibly beautiful. It interacts with light to reveal a depth and feel that pictures can't recreate, but I do my best to capture it. I hope that you enjoy browsing and learning a little something about how I create my items!

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Creation Process

 I create kiln formed fused glass using one or more techniques: pattern bars, stringers (thin glass rods), frit (crushed glass), dichroic glass, glass reactions, metal inclusions, screen melts. combed glass, and more!  Take a peek at some of the glass techniques I use!


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